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Pressure1.5 ATA (7.4 PSI)
Bladder materialDual membranes: bladder – 40 OZ. medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane
Chamber size70 X 225 sm
Window2 triple heat welded viewing windows
System includeChamber and accessories, air compressor, oxygen concentrator, folding chair, steel frame

Cutting Edge Performance. The Nova is a League of its Own

The RJS-Small is ahead of its time as one of the most advanced hyperbaric chambers available today. With countless studies indicating that 1.5 ATA pressure produces consistent results, the RJS-Small is sure to impress anyone who experiences it. Designed with precision for oxygen enhancement our customers rave about its performance. Excellent for personal use or commercial environments. See why the RJS-Small is built for you.



Rugged pressure restraint design with high strength 40 Oz. medical grade dual-membranes, thermoplastic polyurethane and dacron gives you the power to use your chamber safely in any environment for years to come. Our duel pressure restraint design rivals other chamber designs and provides the safest most dependable pressure vessel available. It means evenly distributed tensile strength for consistent performance you can depend on. The materials are specifically designed for:

• high abrasion resistance
• excellent pressure restraint performance
• high shear strength
• high elasticity
• excellent microbial resistance
• oil and grease resistance
• low emissions and low off-gassing requirements

Extremely Easy To Use

Dead simple user friendly system and easy one-person operation delivers the key to easy setup up and using the whole system by yourself. No settings to fine tune as the pressure valves are self regulated and won’t exceed the chamber max pressure. Simply plug in the unit, wait for the chamber to inflate and zip yourself inside. There are no special electrical or venting requirements and the chamber can be installed in any environment with standard 110 or 220 volt power. The pressure valves and gauges are both internal and external so you can use them from inside and outside the chamber.


Superior Performance and Resiliency

Triple reinforced radio frequency welds on all windows and seams and zipper seal. Double industrial strength zipper with silica pressure seal enables you to withstand heavy usage and provide consistent performance for years. High frequency welding fuses materials together to make the strongest joint possible and ensures that windows and seams meet or exceed the tensile strength of the rest of the chamber. With a zipper design life of 5000 uses, even the most heavy of use allows the chamber to provide years of dependable service.

Dependable & Accurate

High performance pneumatic gauges and pre-set pressure regulator valves provides you the ability to see and experience the unwavering performance your chamber will give you time after time, year after year. Both internal and external pneumatic gauges will clearly and accurately indicate the increases and decreases in the chamber pressure. The pre-set pressure regulator valves are engineered precisely to maintain a consistent design pressure of the chamber. It will never exceed the max pressure and you never need to fine tune anything.

Included Accessories

Oil free air compressor

Offering clean air supply, our 140 LPM valve compressor comes with a 9.5-foot laboratory grade hose along with two coupling connectors for flawless performance. Unique activated carbon two-way filtering. Eliminates stagnant air inside the chamber and removes the possibility of carbon dioxide poisoning.

Internal metal frame

Made of stainless surgical steel, the framework comprises of two rings for the ends, and two transverse rods. RJS’s “Quick Connection” system allows for assembly in seconds without tools. This type of construction, while being very rigid and very strong, it is light and ideal both for installation and for transportation and maintains form when chamber is deflated.

Memory foam mattress

Premium anti-allergic, anti-mite, high density orthopaedic foam mattress. It is covered with an antimicrobial fabric that may be disinfected or sterilized and contour-designed to fit perfectly inside the chamber.

5 liter oxygen concentrator

The concentrator is easy to assemble and disassemble, and requires no maintenance for two years. Boasting Anion air purification, this robust oxygen concentrator offers just the right balance of cool and quiet. The simplified, two-piece cabinet design allows for 15% typical sound quality improvement and an improved cooling process.

ReJuvenation System

We are committed to making hyperbaric oxygen therapy accessible to everyone. We are proud to serve people like you and dedicated to providing a world-class experience.


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